Analysts have predicted the disappearance of carsharing

Analysts have predicted the disappearance of carsharing

Сarsharing will cease to exist in the future as an independent business, as it is only a transitional business model. This was stated by Tobias Schönberg, Senior Partner of the Roland Berger international consulting company, at an online conference of NTI Avtotonet about the market of automotive technologies.

“Over the years, I have repeatedly said that carsharing is a transitional business model. It will exist for a certain period of time, and then disappear as a phenomenon. I mean, it will undergo certain changes once we reach 4 and 5 autonomy levels of self-driving vehicles”, Tobias Schönberg said.

He specified that the carsharing model contains a number of problems such as vehicle hygiene and business profitability.

“Firstly, it is sanitary and epidemiological norms, hygiene, because the sharing implies that the car won’t be clean. Secondly, the carsharing companies have never been able to provide profit to their investors. Due to this, they refuse to invest further”, he explained.

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