Business associations have asked the State Duma to support the bill on taxi

Business associations have asked the State Duma to support the bill on taxi

Delovaya Rossiya together with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Opora Rossii sent a letter to Vyacheslav Volodin, the Chairman of the State Duma, with a request to support the bill on regulation of the taxi market. The copy of the document is at disposal of TASS.

The letter states that the legislative bodies are considering two draft laws on taxi activities. The first of them is a bill "On state regulation of relations in the organization and implementation of the activities of the carriage of light taxis and the activities of taxi ordering services, amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the deprivation of certain provisions of legislative acts of the Russian Federation" has already been adopted in the first reading. The document provides for mandatory installation of tachographs, taximeters and cash registers in passenger car taxis. The letter notes that this measure will entail significant additional costs for business, and is not consistent with the state support for small and medium businesses.

The second draft law "On state regulation of passenger taxi transportation and passenger taxi ordering services and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation" was submitted to the State Duma in the end of last year, but was rejected by the Committee on Transport and Construction. Evgeny Moskvichev, Head of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction, said that this happened because the second draft law is alternative to the first one.

The project consolidates the responsibility of taxi aggregators and obliges foreign taxi drivers to confirm their driving qualifications in Russia. The draft law also fixes the financial responsibility of aggregators for the transfer of trips to drivers who do not have a taxi permit. Business associations believe that the draft law largely provides for the modern and adequate approaches to taxi market regulation.

The letter, signed by Alexey Repik, Chairman of Delovaya Rossiya, Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and Alexander Kalinin, President of Opora Rossii, asks the government to assist them in “resolving the disputed situation that rose around these two draft laws and support bill №864881-7 to accelerate its adoption”. 

The authors of the appeal emphasize that the adoption of this bill would prepare the conditions for the creation of regulatory mechanisms, which the industry needs. At the same time, as noted in the document, during the coronavirus pandemic, taxi carriers have been providing transport links between places where people live, participate in social projects, despite the fact that the industry has suffered and in some cities the demand for taxi services has fallen by 70%.

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