GUCODD Moscow Traffic Management Center launches total transport monitoring system

GUCODD Moscow Traffic Management Center launches total transport monitoring system

Capital authorities will invest 29 million rubles to modernize the system of carsharing and taxi tracking. The Traffic Management Center will receive detailed reports on parking in prohibited areas, speed limit exceeding, etc. On the basis of Big Data, a new total mechanism of penalties for drivers will be created. The experts predict that this mechanism will be effective even without using traditional cameras. More detailed information is needed to adjust the organization of traffic, create new parking spaces, parking zones and to handle incidents with passengers, the Mayor's Office assures.

Moscow Traffic Organization Center has announced a competition to improve the "information-analytical system for taxi monitoring based on the dynamic transport model of the Moscow Transport Hub". The tender for 29.9 million rubles was published on the site of government procurement, the definition of the supplier has been completed, the contract has not yet been concluded.

The taxi monitoring system has been operating in the city since 2016, told Kommersant the representative of the data center. The system collects information about taxi and carsharing routes and automatically checks for taxi drivers work permits. After completion of the tender, GUCODD will receive more detailed reports on the movement of these vehicles: destination of trips in a certain period of time, parking places under prohibition signs, information about traffic violations and places where drivers most often exceed the speed limit. An algorithm to detect illegal taxis should be implemented, but how it will work is not specified in the technical requirement.

The information about the most popular destination places, taxi and carsharing parking lots will allow making "effective decisions to change the organization of traffic". Additional parking spaces will be created on the basis of Big Data, as well as bus stops will be organized, land transport routes will be reorganized, etc.  

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