Half of the day taxis have no orders

Half of the day taxis have no orders

According to the data of the Moscow Department of Transport, local taxi drivers spend 48% of their working time waiting for the orders. The greatest idle time had been recorded in January. The experts believe that reduction in the quantity of taxis could solve this problem.

As it has been noted by the Moscow Department of Transport, a number of taxi rides in Moscow is constantly growing. For example, a number of rides on February 9, 2021 was 143 thousand higher than on  the same day a year earlier.

"At an average, each taxi has 10 orders a day. During the last three months, each car has spent 48 percent of its time without orders. That's less than in New York," said the head of the Moscow government's traffic organization center.

As suggested by Norair Bludyan, TAMA Association CEO, reduction of vehicles quantity will shorten the idle time.

"Each subject of the Russian Federation has the right to set up a number of taxi vehicles in their territories. We consider it advisable for the authorized body of Moscow to take a corresponding decision. This will improve the efficiency of vehicles, increase the shift hourly revenue per vehicle and, as a result, raise the drivers' revenue,” he added.

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