Licensing of Belgorod taxi drivers has been fully automated

Licensing of Belgorod taxi drivers has been fully automated

Belgorod oblast has become the first region in Russia where the procedure of issuing a license for a car taxi is fully automated. The introduction of the “Guard.taxi” system has significantly simplified the procedure of issuing permits for both the authorities and the carriers. Alongside with the introduction of complexes of photo and video recording of violations, it has decreased the number of illegal taxis in the region.

According to the law, in order to provide taxi services, a carrier needs to obtain a permit. This, in turn, requires offering a package of documents in paper form to the authorized authority, or electronically through Multifunctional Centers or the regional portal of public services. According to the statistics of the Department of Public Roads and Transport of the Belgorod region, more than 90% of received applications are in electronic form. However, the term for issuing a license is twenty days. Employees of the authorized authority check whether the applicant has specified the data correctly, then they request its status in the tax office: whether it is a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, and specify does the technical condition of the vehicle complies with federal and regional legislation.

At the request of the Department of Public Highways and Transport of the Belgorod Region, a resident of the Belgorod IT cluster “Factory of Information Technologies” has developed “Guard.taxi” - a module of the information system for issuing permits for passenger taxis in electronic form. The system made it possible to digitize all the technological processes of public service provision, ensure interaction of information systems of different departments and transfer control procedures into electronic form. The software product can reduce the license issuance period to one or two days.

All the information about entrepreneurs and their cars will be stored in a single electronic register and placed on several information platforms: “Open data of the Russian Federation” (https://data.gov.ru/), Official Website of the Department of Public Roads and Transport (http://beluprdor.ru/) and the PAIS Public Automated Information System “Taxi” (https://paistaxi.ru/).

“Guard.taxi” is the second product of the company for automating the issuance of electronic permits. “Guard.cargo” is a module for issuing special permits for transportation of large-sized and heavy cargo on roads. It was implemented in Belgorod oblast in late 2018. Now FIT specialists are working on a pilot project for automating the issuance of special permits by the State Automobile Inspectorate. This will allow to reduce the time for document preparation from 15 working days to 1-2 days. Both products are in the group of services of intellectual transport system", - said Oleg Dobronravov, Head of ITS “Factory of Information Technologies” project.

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