Major taxi aggregators have been caught on violations

Major taxi aggregators have been caught on violations

Almost a third of taxi cars of major Moscow aggregators do not comply with the rules of transportation. The cars are not labeled according to the rules, their numbers often do not correspond to the ones specified in the application. 

After checking 445 cars of aggregators Yandex.Taxi, GETT, Citymobil, InDriver, Vezet and Maxim it had been found that 28% of them do not meet the basic rules of transportation. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Department of Transport in their official Telegram channel.

"Car numbers do not match the ones specified in the application; some cars are not labeled or were missing in the taxi register. As it turned out, it is very difficult to order Maxim or Vezet through the app, as the orders are often canceled, and the waiting time is too long", noted the press-service of the ministry.

"Some of the aggregators connect illegal cars to their apps. According to the results of our inspection from June 4 to July 30, 47 out of 586 cars turned out to be a completely different car, not specified in the application. These cars often do not have a license. The number may only differ by one digit or letter, but the operator is no longer liable if something happens to the passenger on the road. And in the case of an accident it is almost impossible to reimburse the damage, since the illegal car has no special insurance", told the press-service.

InDriver, GETT and Citymobil showed the greatest number of fake cars. This violation is serious, so all the information was sent to the prosecutor's office for further verification. Also the Department of Transport has promised to pass the results of the recent checks to the aggregators, so that the companies could correct the faults.
Aggregators themselves are also trying to keep the violators under control. Citymobil said that they have already launched a process of checking the permits of carriers, followed by the disconnection of vehicles that do not have valid permits in Moscow.

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