Responsibility for passenger's health will be placed upon the taxi

Responsibility for passenger's health will be placed upon the taxi

The All-Russian Association of Passengers sent a proposal to Yevgeny Moskvichev, Head of the State Duma Committee on Transport and Construction, to supplement his bill № 481004-7 on regulation of the taxi transportation market with a detailed mechanism for compensation to passengers.

The bill had undergo its first read back in 2018, but has not been considered by the lower chamber since then. One of its controversial points is the ban on admission to transportation of drivers who are not officially employed in a taxi company or aggregator. 

Today the aggregators provide only information services to taxi companies and drivers as the admission of self-employed as drivers is permitted only through the contract of services with IT-companies.

Members of the All-Russian Association of Passengers believe that the bill does not include a transparent mechanism for solving incidents with passengers. They do support the document that "returns the labour relations to drivers", and thus, legal prosecution of employers. Although, the association considers it necessary to add to it the mechanism of compensation of damages in case of road accident, especially taking into account all the features of legal relations between business entities. Such scheme should provide for all types of legal status of the carrier (taxi park, individual entrepreneur, self-employed).

Today in case of injury to health or property of a passenger as a result of an accident, if the fault of the driver is proved, the passenger can receive a compensation within the limits of Third Party Liability Insurance: up to ₽500 thousand.

Thus under the current legislation the taxi aggregator is not responsible for the passenger who has got in the accident. Multiple situations have appeared both in Russia, and abroad when passengers got serious injuries and couldn't receive a compensation neither from the driver, nor from the aggregator.

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