Russia has initiated a revision of the Convention on Road Traffic

Russia has initiated a revision of the Convention on Road Traffic

Russia together with Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, France, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden have initiated the revision of the Convention on Road Traffic, signed in 1968 in Vienna. This was implemented within the Economic and Social Council (hereinafter - ECOSOC) of the UN. The Convention de facto forbids the use of drones on the roads. Changes proposed in it concern the admission of unmanned cars to public roads, as follows from the materials of the ECOSOC. 

Convention on Road Traffic is a document defining the rules of the road traffic systems and standardizing the traffic rules in the participating countries (there are 91 of them now). It says that the vehicle is controlled by a person, the participation of robots is not stipulated there, said Kirill Zhanaidarov, head of the Transport Department of the Skolkovo Foundation. 

"The modification of the Traffic Convention is the first item on the Autonet roadmap approved by the Russian government," a representative of Autonet told Vedomosti. - Two years ago, together with the Ministry of Transport, we prepared and submitted a corresponding proposal to the UN. We were supported by France and Switzerland back then, but in general, the idea was not implemented immediately as the correction was considered premature then. Now the process has resumed, the idea of changing the convention has more supporters and, accordingly, the chances of success are higher. 

Russia and European states suggest introducing the concept of "automated driving system" into the convention, i.e. hardware-software complex, performing the dynamic control of the car. By this concept the authors of amendments mean all functions, necessary for driving: road control, driving control, planning and manoeuvring signals. It is also proposed a clause that the automated system can be recognized as a driver, if the vehicle meets the technical and operational requirements of the states that recognized the amendments.

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