Russian taxi services began to disinfect cars due to COVID-19

Russian taxi services began to disinfect cars due to COVID-19

Taxi ordering service Citymobil has started free disinfection of cars for drivers connected to the service against the background of coronavirus spreading, while Yandex.Taxi has organized points in Moscow to provide drivers with disinfectants.

“Starting from March 18, taxi drivers connected to Citymobil will be able to carry out complete disinfection of their cars at the partners of the company. This measure will additionally protect both drivers and passengers from airborne diseases”, announced the Citymobil press service.

It was also specified, that the first stationary disinfection points will be launched on the territory of the Taxi House service of the Citymobil, located near the Sheremetyevo Airport, as well as on the basis of a partner.

For the test period, drivers will be able to process the car during working hours: from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. At the same time, the company does not exclude the possibility of switching to round-the-clock work schedule, as well as expanding the geography of the provision of the service, if the situation of coronavirus is not stabilized.

Citymobil has pointed out that, until March 31, while free disinfection is valid, the car can be processed several times, and that these measures may be prolonged.

Yandex.Taxi reported that since mid-March, the service has also organized points at the Sheremetyevo Airport, where drivers can measure temperature for free, receive masks and disinfectants.

“Drivers are already well informed about the precautions that should be taken; no one has yet been found to have an elevated body temperature. To make this check available throughout Moscow, 40 telemedicine monitoring stations for free self-diagnostics for drivers will be deployed. Such stations, as well as hospitals and disinfection points will be marked on the map in a special mobile application for drivers", said the Yandex.Taxi press service.

As it comes to the taxi users, the service reminds them that cashless payment is the easiest way to reduce the transmission of infection, since you do not need to touch banknotes and coins.

"In addition, we have already created and distributed special instructions to drivers and users, and we have notified all of the partners about the Rospotrebnadzor's requirements for the disinfection of cars," added the press service of the service.

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