Taxi drivers’ passports are to be looked through

Taxi drivers’ passports are to be looked through

Taxi aggregators intend to “examine for compliance with the federal legislation” the directive of the Moscow authorities, which obliges them to transfer a number of information about drivers, including full name, brand of the car, data on insurance, medical examination, etc. “The aggregator is not always in charge of controlling the driver’s shift duration, the validity of his license”, explained the representative of the City Hall. Lawyers interviewed by Kommersant newspaper has interviewed the lawyers, had reminded that driver’s personal data can be transferred only with his consent. Market participants are also afraid that the data collection may lead to additional costs which will affect the tariffs.

According to the published order of the Moscow Department of Transport, taxi companies and aggregators will be obliged to transfer the following data to the Regional Navigation and Information System (RNIS) of Moscow: full name, number of driver's license and insurance policy data, place of employment, information about the availability of technical inspection for the car, driving experience, driver’s license, data on the medical examination. A data center will be connected to the RNIS, data transfer agreements must be concluded before October 31.

It should be noted that both the aggregators and taxi companies have already shared data with the Moscow authorities since January 2017, when the corresponding decree obliged them to transfer information about the car’s route and driver's work permit. The new list was introduced in accordance with the decision of the Moscow Antiterrorist Commission of 31 August 2020. 

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