The Ministry of Internal Affairs disclosed data on foreigners who were in fault for the accidents

The Ministry of Internal Affairs disclosed data on foreigners who were in fault for the accidents

Accidents in Russia are more often caused by citizens of Uzbekistan than by other foreigners. In the "anti-rating" of accident offenders, for the first time cited by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were also residents of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Representatives of the compatriots of these states, commenting on the statistics, have said that if, for example, Poles or Swedes were massively employed in the sphere of transport services, taxi and food delivery , they would also be in this list. The most disciplined foreign drivers proved to be Afghans, Estonians and Japanese.

Detailed statistics on accidents committed due to violations of traffic rules by foreigners are contained in the published report of the Scientific Center for Road Safety of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the first nine months of 2020. Until now, the police have only published summary figures for accidents involving migrants, but now there is a categorization by each country.

Accident rates in Russia have been declining in recent years: in 2020 the pace accelerated due to the pandemic restrictions (there was almost no traffic on the roads). Accidents caused by foreign citizens during the period also declined: drivers from CIS countries were responsible for 3 thousand accidents (-18.4%), and drivers from other countries were responsible for another 3.4 thousand accidents (16.7%). Citizens of Uzbekistan (797 accidents, -12.3% year-on-year), Kyrgyzstan (701, -6.7%), Tajikistan (599, -11.4%), Azerbaijan (282, -17.5%) and Armenia (280, -42%) were more likely to cause accidents. Citizens of Afghanistan, Estonia (five accidents), Japan, Lithuania (6 accidents) and Rwanda (7) are on the other end of the police "anti-rating" (with information about 20 countries). Most victims - 76 - were citizens of Tajikistan. Citizens of Uzbekistan were responsible for the largest number of injuries (1,080). Accidents committed by citizens of Ukraine (14.2%) have the greatest severity of consequences (deaths out of total number of victims).

According to Stanislav Shvagerus, Head of the Competence Center of the International Eurasian Forum Taxi , believes that the anti-leaders of the police rating work mostly in taxi: this industry is traditionally the easiest way for migrants to earn money.

In Russia, citizens of Uzbekistan and Armenia are required to exchange their national driver's licenses, but they are often allowed to drive without verification: this is often a fault of aggregators in the regions, says the expert. "Another problem is that many licenses were obtained in the CIS countries illegally, but it is difficult to check this, so  we need to create a unified information system for the entire EAEU," he adds.

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