The plan of introduction of unmanned vehicles was presented to the Government

The plan of introduction of unmanned vehicles was presented to the Government

Yandex and Sberbank, with the participation of GAZ and KAMAZ, have developed a roadmap for the phased introduction of unmanned vehivles in Russia, according to which, Russia should be fully prepared to use unmanned vehicles on public roads for people and cargo transportation without an engineer-operator in the cabin by early 2023. The Izvestia newspaper reported this on Friday, citing a document sent to the relevant ministries in April.

The plan proposed by the companies consists of three stages, including 27 points, most of which, according to Izvestia, were supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Amendments to the decree should be made until October 2020, the opportunities for testing highly automated vehicles should be expanded, giving the opportunity to test vehicles in closed areas a person in the cabin. Besides, it is planned to allow commercial operation of unmanned vehicles.

It is planned to submit a bill, detailing the rights and obligations of all participants in the process, to the State Duma by september. It is also planned to develop recommendations for the investigation of traffic accidents involving unmanned vehicles by the end of 2020, and propose the terms of insurance for them in 2021. It is also proposed to create at least two test zones with 5G coverage to test fully unmanned vehicles. 

The developed plan also provides that the law on the operation of unmanned vehicles will be adopted next year, at the same time it will be allowed to provide commercial services by unmanned  vehicles in the test mode. In addition, the requirements for road infrastructure for automated transport should be defined by december 2021. By the same date, it is proposed to develop support measures for the manufacturers and operators, measures to promote such vehicles in the society.

According to the road map, it is planned to make all the necessary amendments to the legislation, including road traffic rules, as well as to establish unified requirements for the admission of drones on the roads of the Customs Union countries by december 2022. It is also proposed to approve conditions for certification of unmanned transport, assessment of control systems for automated trucks and to introduce basic principles of interaction between them and the road infrastructure.

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