Uber Russia is not deleting passenger's personal data

Uber Russia is not deleting passenger's personal data

The Digital Security Company carried out a study, which covered 54 of the most popular Russian Internet resources. Removal of the profile by clicking a button and confirmation via, for example, an SMS code, is available only on 25 resources (46% of the verified ones), the study says. Another six portals (11%) hide this functionality. 18 of the analyzed sites (33%) provide an opportunity to remove personal information only through technical support, some of them even require a written request or a scan of it. The remaining five resources (9%) didn’t allow deleting account at all.

It was impossible to erase the information, for example, from the taxi application Uber Russia. After the formal deletion through a special button in the account, the analysts could still log with the same phone number, to see the history of the rides and all the associated bank cards. Even the technical support couldn’t delete the profile completely, the study stresses. 

People may lose faith in the safe storage of personal data due to regular hacks and leaks. Some people want to minimize these risks or to get rid of spam, the others delete information before the employment in order to hide extra information about themselves on the web.

The analysts have also added that some users are exposed to cyberstalking, which is accompanied by intrusive attention to the victim and even threats.

According to the law "On Personal Data", a citizen has the right to demand the operator to delete the personal data. The administrative responsibility is provided for unjustified refusal, Roskomnadzor told Izvestia newspaper. The service also noted that the implementation of technical ability to erase data is determined by the operator itself.

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