Yandex.Taxi has told about the drop in demand for taxi services

Yandex.Taxi has told about the drop in demand for taxi services

Yandex.Taxi has told about the drop in demand for taxi services Demand for taxi services decreased in large Russian cities due to restrictions caused by COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. However, people began to order more from pharmacies and grocery stores, the Yandex.taxi press service told Kommersant. 

“The demand has decreased for all modes of transport, including taxis. This is related to the transition of organizations to remote work or free schedule. In addition, there's much less rides to stations and airports due to travel restrictions and flights cancellations", announces Yandex.taxi. At the same time the dynamics of demand has changed: more trips take place during the day and at the weekends. 

Yandex.Taxi have noted a rapid increase in requests for parcel delivery services from various organizations - from pharmacies to grocery stores. This may become “one of the main drivers of growth”, said the representative of the company. There are also increasing requests for transportation from corporate users, for example, large chain stores and fast food restaurants as they began to use taxis more often to transport their employees after work. 

"Citymobile has spotted a 20% increase in daytime travel in period from March 3 to Moscow. At the same time, morning and evening peaks have decreased. We assume this is related to the fact that people do not go to work, stay at home, but go somewhere during the day and prefer public transport taxis. During the last week, we noted an increase in travel in several regional cities with a population of over a million, while in some of them the growth was over 15%, if we evaluate day by day dynamics”, said the press service of Citymobile. 

On 20 March, Department for Transport of Moscow reported that taxis and carsharing have been used in Moscow 10-15% less frequently in the period from March 2 to 19. This trend has affected both trips around the city and to airports, major office centers. At the same time the number of taxi trips to shopping centers has increased. In addition, it became more common to use it as a courier service. Taxi services reported that they began to disinfect cars because of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Source - kommersant.ru

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