Aggregators liability for harm caused to passengers

Aggregators liability for harm caused to passengers

Online services of taxi ordering become more and more unbearable for taxi drivers. This provokes them to violate traffic rules and overwork, resulting in massive number of road accidents, stated Vladimir Zhirinovsky,Leader of the LDPR political party.
The deputies of the LDPR faction in the Duma believe that legal responsibility for the damage caused to passengers should be assigned to the information system operator, who received the request for passenger transportation by phone, and directed the vehicle to the potential passenger.
The driver is often tired because he works 12 or even 16 hours a day. Therefore, they say, the Government should limit the working shift for taxi drivers to eight hours. That would help to reduce the number of car accidents caused by taxis.
Drivers often neglect the traffic rules, thus endangering not only themselves, but also their passengers. Aggregators demand high commissions per booking, so drivers tend to end their journey as quickly as possible in order to take the next one right after.
Such difficult working conditions exhaust the taxi driver, posing a threat to all other road users.
Current online car ordering services have almost squeezed the old taxi services from the market, which dealt with medical examination of the drivers, control of their working hours, technically sound taxi fleet and economic base. The aggregators themselves, however, would not fall under today's laws, so they would not be held legally responsible for the drivers' actions.
LDPR deputies are looking to legislate the work of car ordering services; a new draft bill on taxis has already been finalized. That means that the aggregators will be made responsible for passenger safety.
It is necessary to introduce the BAT technologies of vehicle safety everywhere, the parliamentarians think. For this purpose, aggregators should disconnect taxi drivers from the system at the end of their shifts. This would also help to prevent drivers from being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or strong-acting medicines.
From January to July 2021, about 2,000 accidents caused by taxi drivers occurred across the Russia. 2,400 people were injured and 69 died.


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