Bolt is leaving Belarus

Bolt is leaving Belarus

The Bolt platform was announced to appear on the Belarusian taxi market in December 2020. Today, the company has announced in its official Telegram channel that it is quitting the Belarusian market. The reasons for the decision have not been disclosed.
On February 25, Bolt announced that the app would no longer offer discounts for passengers, as well as bonuses for drivers. They promised to pay the refunds on Monday, which is today. And on February 28, a message appeared: "Bolt platform ceases to operate on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
In 2021, the Bolt platform announced its intention to become the country's most budget-friendly taxi service through a multi-million euro investment: "The key parameter that ensures Bolt's leadership in the European market is operational efficiency. We want to offer customers lower prices. By using our funds and resources more efficiently, we can give customers a bigger bonus and a bigger discount if the drivers in the market have the same income. It is actually a very simple offer: you get the same thing for less money.
The Taxes and Duties Ministry of the Republic of Belarus called Bolt's reputation "at the level of a marginal service", which promises "not to disregard the laws of the host country", but "so far only talks a lot".

Photo:, Andrei Gomylyaev

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