Digital platform for taxi drivers training to be created in Moscow

Digital platform for taxi drivers training to be created in Moscow

The Moscow government has allocated 59.5 million rubles to create a digital platform for taxi drivers training. The corresponding decree was signed today by Sergei Sobyanin during the presidium meeting of the Moscow government.

According to the decree, there will be four information and education blocks in this platform, developed with the participation of experts from leading universities in the field.

The first block concerns the transport legislation and specifics of road traffic. It includes security requirements for transportation of passengers and luggage by taxi, the main provisions regulating taxi operations in Moscow and Russia as a whole, the procedure for pre-trip medical examinations and monitoring the technical condition of vehicles, procedure of filling in trip tickets, work and rest regime for taxi drivers, rules governing actions in case of an accident, basics of first aid and others.

The second block is passenger service. It includes rules of work with aggregators, rules of interaction of the driver with passengers, order and principles of rendering various types of services, including in the territory of airports, railway stations and bus stations, order of organisation of transportation of children, disabled people and guide dogs, animals, large-sized and heavy luggage by passenger taxis.

The third block is Moscow studies. It requires taxi drivers to have basic knowledge of Moscow's history and toponymy. In particular, about key events in the history of the city, the plan of the capital, the main districts and landmarks. This course should make the work of taxi drivers more comfortable, as the urban environment will become clearer for them, and the streets will become familiar and interesting.

The fourth block concerns the Russian language. It provides for different levels of language proficiency for drivers whose native language is Russian and those for whom Russian is a foreign language. The course covers not only grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and accentuation norms, but also speech etiquette, behaviour in typical, emergency and conflict situations.

Sections of the digital platform will contain training materials and tests to assess the level of mastery of the studied topic.

The platform will be integrated with the KIS ART system.

It is planned that the digital platform will become the main tool for spreading professional knowledge among Moscow taxi drivers, which in turn will contribute to the growth of comfort and safety of passenger transportation.

Photo:, Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

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