Latvia blocks "Yandex Go" for storing data on servers in Russia

Latvia blocks "Yandex Go" for storing data on servers in Russia

The Latvian Road Transport Authority decided to cancel the registration of Yandex.Taxi and block the Yandex Go mobile application for ordering a taxi due to the fact that it transmits data to servers located in Russia, the Latvian edition of Delfi reports.

The agency found out that the Yandex Go application exchanged information about commercial vehicles, drivers, vehicles offered by the carrier in Latvia, payment cards and payments.

“The transfer of data to countries that are not members of the European Union or NATO is a serious violation of national security and gives access to data on Latvian and foreign citizens using websites or mobile applications,” explained directorate representative Kristian Godiņš.

The application will be terminated on March 23, Yandex.Taxi will not be able to provide its services in Latvia, and those drivers and carriers who continue to use the service may be fined for using an unregistered site, writes Delfi.

RBC sent a request to Yandex.Taxi.

This is not the first time in Latvia that claims have been raised against Yandex.Taxi. In March 2020, the directorate of road transport already blocked the service due to the fact that the company did not register with the directorate. Without this, the service could not provide transportation services. After meeting this requirement, the company was able to resume work. The activities of Yandex.Taxi in Latvia began in 2018.

Photo:, Stanislav Krasilnikov / TASS

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