Taxi and carsharing support: what measures does Moscow propose to preserve the industry

Taxi and carsharing support: what measures does Moscow propose to preserve the industry

Carsharing and taxi services in Moscow should remain as accessible and safe, despite the economic pressure. This was stated by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Transport, Maxim Liksutov, at a meeting with representatives of taxi companies, rental and carshare operators, where measures to support the industry were discussed.

"Sergey Sobyanin instructed to support taxi, carshare and rental operators. Thanks to the measures we will be able to save more than 200 thousand jobs. And do everything necessary to keep the quality of services at the highest level, and the services themselves - as accessible and safe. Also, together with the Moscow police and the Moscow prosecutor's office, we will make every effort to prevent illegal taxi services," - said Maxim Liksutov.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has decided to simplify the certification of spare parts and components for cars, as well as parallel imports. This will help to stop the growth in the cost of parts and prevent shortages.

Thanks to preservation of the programme on allocation of grants of the Moscow government the park of bicycles and scooters rentals will increase by 15 thousand units. In total, almost 50 thousand will be available to users in 2022.

A bill initiated by Moscow to remove restrictions on the early redemption of leased cars is being considered. This will give an opportunity to redeem without overpayment more than 12 thousand taxi and carsharing cars.

It will also reduce the time for consideration of applications to connect or connect the bicycle rental stations to power grids in places popular among city residents. New stations will appear faster.

Thanks to the measures taken and proposed, thousands of people will not lose their jobs, and Muscovites will still be able to comfortably use their favorite services.

Photo:, Е.Samarina.

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