Taxi service inDriver is moving from Russia to Kazakhstan

Taxi service inDriver is moving from Russia to Kazakhstan

Taxi service inDriver relocated part of its employees from Russia to Kazakhstan — this is happening “as part of a project to develop regional hubs,” Forbes learned.

On May 2, inDriver founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky also said on his Facebook page (owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) that Russia's share in the company's core business is small and continues to decline and the team will "become more and more international."

In mid-April, Tomsky said that the company was developing several hubs around the world, in particular, in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Just one of these hubs will be located in Kazakhstan - this is the largest market for the company in the CIS.

According to Tomsky, he chose Kazakhstan to transport employees because Russian is the language of “interethnic communication” there, there are programs to support IT companies in the country, there is a “fast-growing stable economy”, and Almaty is “a very warm and beautiful city.”

In March, RB.RU published a list of vacancies in foreign companies with Russian roots, including employees hired by the peer-to-peer passenger transportation service inDriver. The company was looking for developers, analysts, advertising specialists and other areas.

In early March, inDriver announced that it guarantees the preservation of jobs for its employees in Russia and Ukraine.

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