The Cabinet of Ministers approved the legal regime for unmanned vehicles

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the legal regime for unmanned vehicles

The Government of the Russian Federation approved a programme of the experimental legal regime for the operation of unmanned vehicles. This was reported to TASS by the office of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko.

"The introduction of unmanned transport using AI [artificial intelligence] technologies is part of the program of digital transformation of the Russian economy. The first experimental legal regime adopted by the government has accelerated this process and removed regulatory barriers to launch the project. Subject to successful testing, unmanned cars could become an organic part of the urban infrastructure as early as 2025. In addition, the regime will allow domestic developers to implement advanced solutions, which in the current situation is especially important to ensure the technological development of the country. In the nearest future the developer company will be able to use unmanned transport in Moscow, Innopolis of Tatarstan Republic and federal territory Sirius," - noted Chernyshenko, whose words are cited by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to the programme, unmanned transport in the streets of Moscow, Innopolis and federal territory "Sirius" will be able to operate with a test driver in the cabin, without his presence in the cabin - in the territory of Innopolis and innovation center "Skolkovo".

The draft resolution and programs of the experimental legal regime were developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law "On experimental legal regimes in the field of digital innovations in the Russian Federation."

"It is now that applied information technologies are most in demand by the business community, which will have the opportunity to develop in new industries, and new horizons for the country's economy. In the current conditions, it is very important to continue implementing the technological agenda, helping businesses to test and implement innovations. We expect that in the case of success of the experiment, the scale and commercialization of digital technology will be one of the points of economic growth," - stressed the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Term of the experiment
The Office of Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko added that the unmanned cars participating in the experiment were developed by Yandex specialists. After 20 days from the date of publication of the decree it will be possible to operate unmanned cars in two modes: with a test driver in the cabin (on the passenger seat, right of the driver's seat), and without a test driver in the cabin, if necessary, an operator can connect for remote support.

The experiment will make it possible to use unmanned cars as cabs in Moscow. The first area for the launch of unmanned cabs is Yasenevo - between "Yasenevo", "Novoyasenevskaya" and "Bittsevsky Park" metro stations.

"Yandex" specified that you can call a driverless cab in the application "Yandex Go". The cost of the trip will not differ from the price of a trip in a regular cab.

"Live" technology testing will help change the overall regulation in three years - to introduce "drones" as safely and efficiently as possible. This regime opens a series of experimental regimes, for which the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has prepared corresponding decisions, we are preparing several more proposals together on the platform of the Digital Economy organization, aimed at implementing the most modern technologies and, accordingly, increasing the quality of life of citizens," said  Dmitry Ter-Stepanov, Deputy General Director, Director for Regulatory Regulation  of ANO Digital Economy. 


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