The self-employed will be allowed to drive a taxi

The self-employed will be allowed to drive a taxi

The self-employed will be able to work in a taxi. This follows from the draft law submitted by the Russian government to the State Duma.

Only citizens hired by individual entrepreneurs or legal entities could work as taxi drivers. The new bill should reverse this situation, although experts have questions about this innovation.

It follows from the bill that self-employed drivers will be able to work through ordering services, subject to the conclusion of an agreement. As the head of the Competence Center of the International Eurasian Taxi Forum Stanislav Schwagerus explained, the self-employed will have to conclude an agreement with aggregators. So far they have not been able to do this. However, local authorities will need to maintain a separate register of such taxi drivers. It costs money and at whose expense it will be implemented is not entirely clear. In part, all these difficulties could be compensated by the electronic profile of the driver, which is already used in Moscow. However, it is not even taken into account in the draft law. However, this is precisely what makes it possible to amend the law through the State Duma: by the second reading, its wording may change dramatically.

In addition, the bill sets quite strict restrictions. For example, a driver will not be able to drive a passenger taxi until one year has passed from the date of expiration of the term for depriving him of the right to drive a car. The same ban is introduced for those who have more than three unpaid administrative fines for violating the Rules of the Road during the period preceding the day of transportation.

The responsibility of the taxi aggregator for damage caused as a result of an accident during the transportation of passengers and luggage is also prescribed. The order service is jointly and severally liable with the carrier. However, everything is not so simple here. According to the Civil Code, such a tortfeasor must compensate him and in some cases pay the victim almost a lifetime pension. However, in the project, such liability is limited to two million rubles.

This is just a project. It is obvious that in the State Duma it will change a lot by the second reading.

Photo:, Andrey Gordeev / Vedomosti

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