The verdict on the important lawsuit of the Ministry of Transport of the Kuban to Yandex

The verdict on the important lawsuit of the Ministry of Transport of the Kuban to Yandex

By the decision of the Moscow Arbitration Court, the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Krasnodar Territory was denied the claim against Yandex. Taxi and OOO Yandex. The agency demanded that the defendants affiliated with each other be prohibited from transferring orders for taxi services to persons who do not have the appropriate permission. The decision of Judge Devitskaya can be appealed within a month from the date of its adoption to the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal, IA REGNUM reports.

In the card of the case, only the effective part of the decision was made public - “to completely refuse to satisfy the stated requirements.”

The dispute has been heard since October 2021, but the case is a separate proceeding from another dispute that began in June last year.

Earlier, a similar lawsuit was filed with the court and the committee of the Leningrad region on transport, but lost it in the first instance. The court stated that in Russian legislation there is no concept of an aggregator of passenger and luggage transportation services by passenger taxis. In light of this, there is no obligation in the law to control the availability of permits from carriers by anyone other than government agencies. That is, "Yandex" actually turned out to be not obliged to check such permission.

As REGNUM reported earlier, other departments also had claims against companies from the Yandex division. In particular, in the course of an antimonopoly investigation, the FAS RF revealed discrimination against third-party services in the Yandex search engine. Litigation in this case ended with the signing of a settlement agreement.

"Yandex", despite the fact that it is included in the list of backbone companies in Russia, is rooted in the offshore - the Netherlands. The beneficiary is Arkady Volozh, an oligarch with a Maltese passport, and his family trust.

Photo:, Daria Dry © IA REGNUM

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