Third stage of taxi reform in Tbilisi

Third stage of taxi reform in Tbilisi

Additional innovations for passengers are planned as part of the third phase of the Tbilisi taxi reform, declared Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze.
The taxi reform has been launched in 2018. During the first phase, taxi drivers were obliged to obtain a licence and undergo technical inspections. The second stage started from October 1, 2019, when taxis were divided into A  and B categories.
"We are finalising internal work related to the third phase of taxi reform. We are getting information from drivers about their needs and in turn informing them in detail about the planned process. We will be ready to implement the third stage by the end of the summer," said Kaladze.
According to him, one of the innovations of the third phase will be allowing white taxis to stop on bus lines to pick up passengers, which is currently prohibited.
In addition, according to preliminary information, the third phase will also involve renewing the fleet and banning old vehicles from carrying passengers.
A-category taxis are white, left-hand drive cars, whose drivers are authorized to pick up passengers on the street and use checkers pattern and other identification signs. Such cars also may carry advertisements and have free parking spaces in the city.
The B license is easier to get but has certain restrictions. You do not need to paint or white up the car for this license. This category of car may be of any colour. At the same time it is forbidden to display taxi identification signs on such vehicles and to pick up passengers on the street. Such taxi drivers are allowed to work only with taxi companies and travel only for calls.

Photo:, © Sputnik / Alexander Imedashvili

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