When ordinary taxi drivers will be replaced by drones

 When ordinary taxi drivers will be replaced by drones

Decades may pass between the emergence of a drone taxisough technology and its transformation into a mass phenomenon, as not only technical problems, but also legal, economic and even social issues need to be resolved. This opinion was expressed be Stanislav Shvagerus, Head of the Competence Center of the International Eurasian Forum Taxi.
Russia is very close to launching experimental unmanned taxis. Cars driven by robots will appear in Moscow (Yasenevo), Skolkovo and Innopolis. The experiment will also take place in the Krasnodar Territory (Sirius centre). On the territory of Moscow, there will be an engineer in each car, and in the science centres the vehicle will move on its own.
"It is a very strong exaggeration that all the vehicles are to become unmanned soon and it will have a huge impact on the labour market. You could say that this is a very strong exaggeration," said Shvagerus.
Currently, even the legal framework has not been worked out: "What is an experimental-legal regime? For a certain period of time (we have three years set), a limited number of drones will carry out transportation. Data will be obtained and analysed. It will become clear how to adopt legislation related to unmanned traffic".
"But it is still very far from mass use. I usually remind in such cases that the Americans were flying to the Moon 70 years ago, but for some reason no one is still going there for the weekend. So it is very debatable how quickly the new technology will become widely used".
"It's not just a matter of advancing technology, but also of mass replacement of conventional cars. We need to replace millions of cars, which are very expensive. Who will pay for it? What will be the business model? There is such a huge tangle of social, economic, legal problems, which are unlikely to be solved in the next 30 years," concluded Mr Shvagerus.

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