Who would be responsible if an unmanned car causes an accident

Who would be responsible if an unmanned car causes an accident

The key problem of introducing unmanned cars at the moment is to understand who will be responsible if such a car causes an accident? This opinion was expressed by Stanislav Shvagerus, Head of the Centre of Competences of the International Eurasian Forum Taxi.
Our interlocutor reminded us that a similar principle applies in aviation: when a plane falls down, the operation of such vehicles is immediately suspended until the causes of the crash are clarified.
"The question, "Who should be held responsible?" - is the key one, and it is still completely unresolved. On the one hand, if there is no driver, who is to be held responsible? If the software failed, the company that developed the software is to blame. If it was the car, the fault lies with the manufacturer of the car. But there is no final decision," the expert continued.
He had also that the number of similar cases is not very high yet: "There is already world practice: there have been two fatal car accidents in the USA. In both cases, the test drivers who were behind the wheel of the car driving in unmanned mode were convicted".
"To summarise, let me repeat again: how responsibility will be allocated is not yet known. That is what the experimental legal regime is for. This is the key issue for the development of mass unmanned transport," concluded Mr Shvagerus.

Photo:, AP

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