Yandex Go will show a demand index in the app

Yandex Go will show a demand index in the app

A demand index has been introduced in the Yandex Go app. Users will see it after they have filled in the destination point.

The index will change colour from green to red depending on the cost of travel. If an arrow pointing downwards is displayed next to the index, the price of the journey is lower than the standard price.

By clicking on i,  you can find out which factors influence the cost of travel. They are weather, traffic congestion, lack of available cars in the area and others.

The company has shared that the fare is being temporarily raised when the demand increases. Due to this, the user may receive a car in a couple of minutes after the call.

On February 2, the Federal Antimonopoly Service ordered Yandex.Taxi, Citymobil, Didi and Gett to explain higher taxi prices in November and January, as well as to answer why the cost of a trip differs depending on a smartphone model.

Yandex and Citymobil then explained that the cost of a trip is formed through a dynamic pricing algorithm, which is influenced by demand, the number of available cars and other factors, but not the smartphone model.


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