Moscow increased subsidies for taxi and carsharing

Moscow increased subsidies for taxi and carsharing

The amount of subsidies for the purchase of cars for taxis and carsharing has been increased. The corresponding decree had been signed by Sergei Sobyanin.

In 2021 Moscow has agreed to expand the support program for taxi and carsharing companies. A few changes also were made. For example, the marginal cost for leasing a car or buying it on credit was increased from 1.5 to 2 million rubles. This is the average price of a new car made in Russia. The Russian assembly is a prerequisite for obtaining state support.

Another change concerns the purchase of an electric car. Compared to a fossil fuel car subsidy, the amount of subsidy for the electric car will be doubled. The cost of an electric car should not exceed four million rubles. Also the uniform requirements for the ecological class of the purchased vehicles were established - not lower than Euro-4. Previously the ecological class "Euro-3" was allowed. 
Another requirement is to provide MTPL insurance, where you need to indicate the purpose of using a car (taxi and carsharing). The Department of transport and development of road and transport infrastructure of Moscow will request the document independently (without the participation of companies - recipients of subsidies) within the framework of interdepartmental interaction. In addition, the program added the requirement to provide notification of the absence of arrears in fines and enforcement proceedings from the FSSP of Russia.

The support program is expected to help purchase about 20,000 taxis and 10,000 car sharing vehicles this year. The total amount of subsidies will be over 280 million rubles. The program will help companies continue to renew their fleet of cars.

Acceptance of applications for subsidies will begin in July 2021.

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