Advantages of the new law on taxi

Advantages of the new law on taxi

The problem is that right now the technologies for remote medical exams are outlawed," explained Irina Zaripova, chairwoman of the Public Council for Taxi Development. - The essence of them is that the driver can use a special terminal to measure his temperature, get tested for drug use and so on. The law on taxi will help to accelerate the adoption of the document on remote medical examinations. Then all two million drivers will be able to work legally, some of them will become self-employed.

What does legal mean? First, to pay taxes - 4% of the transaction. Secondly, to undergo remote medical examinations, and then passengers would be confident that the driver is sober, adequate and rested. Thirdly, all the taxi cars will be inspected on time.

Another topic for discussion was the price of travel. During the discussion there were proposals to set a lower threshold. The drivers themselves say that the rates are too low, so drivers don't get enough sleep, take too many orders to make money. In the end, all this affects the safety of passengers.

According to the experts, the developed law has a provision on the lower price cap, but so far we are talking about its introduction in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region and Sevastopol. Although it is also necessary in other regions. A lower threshold would protect the legal taxi drivers from dumping. Although we need an upper limit to protect passengers from unreasonable price hikes, for example on holidays.

There are many claims to the new draft law on taxi, said Stanislav Shvagerus, Head of Competence Center of International Eurasian Forum Taxi. Taxi companies and drivers have made a list of ten items. But the issues do not stop there. Here is one of the complaints. In the bill there is no requirement for the experience of a taxi driver. This would allow ordering services to hire individuals with no driving experience to perform.

The prohibition on admitting a taxi driver with administrative offenses, specified in the bill, has no mechanism to check the existence of verification of such offenses. Nor is there an obligation not to allow a taxi driver with such violations to drive. There is only the right to demand from the driver some documents confirming the absence of the facts of bringing him to administrative responsibility. What are these documents, is also not clear.


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