Are foreign drivers to be allowed to work in taxi?

Are foreign drivers to be allowed to work in taxi?

The amended bill on road safety  has been submitted to the Analytical Center on the regulatory guillotine under the Russian government.

Parts of the bill concern drivers who use with their national driving licenses to operate on the roads of Russia. In order to drive trucks or buses, they will need to be trained in a Russian driving school, and then pass the exam in the traffic police. This does not apply only to those who participate in international transportations. It is obvious that a foreign driver coming from, for example, Poland and bringing a group of tourists would never think of requiring a Russian driver's license. But those foreign drivers who want to work at Russian auto companies will firstly have to study.

It is noteworthy that there is no such requirement for drivers of passenger vehicles. So foreigners intending to work in a taxi, won't have to obtain a Russian driver's license.

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