IX International Eurasian Forum Taxi has begun in Moscow

IX International Eurasian Forum Taxi has begun in Moscow

The Forum brings together the representatives of authorities, business executives, leading experts of the taxi industry and related fields. It acts as a space for solving key issues of the development of the new mobility. The puppose of the event is to develop proposals in the sphere of state regulation of urban passenger transport and ensuring safe and convenient services.

“For a decade the Forum acts as an integrational industry platform for the EAEU state members. The participants of the event take decisions concerning public administration and organization of business processes. Later are successfully being implemented in the legislations of the Eurasian countries," has stressed Dina Goryacheva, Director of the International Eurasian Forum Taxi.

More than 1500 applications for attendance from 40 regions of Russia have been received. Foreighn participants from Germany, USA, Great Britain, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are also joining the business programme. Besides, all the taxi agreggators have also applied. 

The discussion programme will be opened by the plenary session titled as “Russian taxi market: social guarantees and safety as a priority for building new type of digital ecosystems”. It will be focused on the development of a new generation of intelligent transport systems and the protection of the interests of drivers and consumers of taxi services.

The key event of the second day of the Forum is a plenary session “Taxi in the EAEU: common market = unified rules?” Participants will discuss global regulatory trends and prospects of building of a single digital space in the EAEU.

In total, the forum's business program will include 20 events and will last for two days. The experts will discuss the regulation of technology companies, the introduction of advanced AI technologies, the creation of optimal business models, as well as the development of new forms of urban mobility, including carsharing, individual mobility tools, and the prospects for their integration into a unified transport service.

Special seminars for the journalists, a student transport lecture are also to be held during the Forum. Besides, the results of the contest "The Best Taxi Driver in Moscow" among the female drivers are to be announced, the winners will be awarded.

The block of the discussion events will be supported by a large-scale industry exhibition. The exposition will bring together more than 50 Russian and foreign manufacturers who will demonstrate the latest trends in the automotive industry and innovative products from the IT and services sectors.

A resolution, based on the results of the Forum, will be formed and then forwarded to the authorities of the Russian Federation and Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC).

Taxiagreggator service and Gazprom Gas-Engine Fuel have supported the event as partners. 

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