People with unexpunged criminal record may be banned from working in a taxi

People with unexpunged criminal record may be banned from working in a taxi

From 2023, persons with an unexpunged criminal record for serious and especially serious may be forbidden to work in a taxi or be engaged in any passenger transportation. As Izvestia newspaper has found out, corresonding bill will be considered by the State Duma in November. As noted in the Cabinet of Ministers, the problem is extremely urgent, murderers, rapists and kidnappers may be still working as drivers.

According to Izvestia newspaper, the initiative was supported by the tripartite commission on the regulation of social and labor relations, where the bill has been sent for review.

Similar, but less strict measures are proposed to introduce for the public transport such as buses, streetcars, trolleybuses. They will affect citizens with unexpunged convictions for crimes against public security, the foundations of the constitutional system and security of the state.

According to the bill, until March 2023 convicted persons will be obliged to provide the employer with a certificate of no criminal record before March 1, 2022. The same certificate will be required when registering taxi drivers who are individual entrepreneurs.

It will be possible to obtain it on the Gosuslugi website, specifies the document. If the certificate won't not be provided, the employer will be obliged to suspend an employee from work, states the bill.

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