Taxi, bus and truck drivers will be provided with telemedicine

Taxi, bus and truck drivers will be provided with telemedicine

Ministry of Health of Russian Federation has prepared and sent to the government a draft bill on telemedicine for taxi, bus and truck drivers. According to it, alcohol intoxication, pulse and body temperature will be checked remotely. 

It is supposed that a driver won't have to visit a medical office. All the necessary parameters will be checked through a special terminal. The procedure will take about three minutes. The Ministry of Health assures that it is impossible to falsify data. The collected information is sent to the medical worker, who will decide whether the driver is allowed to drive.

In fact, telemedicine is already being used by some transport companies, noted auto expert Pavel Fedorov.

"The advantage is that the taxi  won't have to keep a doctor, there is a special device, there are cameras, gas analyzers.  The driver takes his place, then a doctor from the region connects ( in the regions doctors are cheaper than in Moscow). The driver breathes, measures pressure, pulse, the doctor records all of this. The camera records everything, and then a special ticket is printed out, which is glued to the waybill. The driver goes on a trip with this document", - told Pavel Fedorov.

The document developers note, that now in 90% of cases there is no check-up, and the drivers get just a voucher with a doctor's stamp, which they have to show to the traffic police.

It will be impossible to obtain a fake certificate, assured the expert in the field of telemedicine, CEO of the Doctor Ryadom company Denis Shvetsov.

"The certified equipment helps to obtain objective data on the driver's body and transmit it to the doctor. The doctor, makes a decision about whether or not to allow the driver to take a trip. Everything is clear, so you can not cheat, because the camera captures the person, which transmits objective data of his body, transmits alkotester data, tonometer data. The main costs will be associated with the purchase of equipment, these costs are most often willing to take on the providers of these services. Taxi companies will have to pay only for the medical examinations themselves," explained Denis Shvetsov on air of Moskva FM radio.

Now drivers have to visit the medical office at the beginning and end of the day. Remote medical examination will get rid of paper bureaucracy with trip tickets, added Stanislav Shvagerus, Head of the ANO International Eurasian Forum Taxi Competence Center. In addition, he said, control over the health of drivers will increase.

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