Yandex.Taxi was sued for 3.4 million roubles

Yandex.Taxi was sued for 3.4 million roubles

Yandex.Taxi lost an appeal in the Moscow City Court on the case of Elena Grashchenkova. Last summer Tushinsky Court ordered the taxi aggregator to pay 3.4 million roubles for disability caused by an accident, but the company decided to appeal that decision. This was revealed by the Society of Blue Buckets.
The Moscow City Court has also increased the amount of the compensation by 300 thousand roubles at the prosecutor's request. The amount of the final compensation was 2.6 million roubles and the amount of the consumer fine was 800,000 roubles. Elena Grashchenkova said that in order to receive a lifetime pension of 50 thousand roubles, she was obliged to undergo an additional medical examination and once again confirm the existence of injuries.
In 2016, she ordered a taxi and got into an accident. The driver lost control and hit a lamppost. Elena Grashchenkova sustained serious injuries and, after a couple of operations and rehabilitation, was still unable to regain her former shoulder capacity. She succeed to prove that the aggregator should be held responsible for the accident she was involved in due to the driver's fault.
"The case of Ms Grachenkova became a precedent, after which aggregators started insuring the lives and health of passengers for 2 million rubles", - pointed out the ASN news agency.

Photo:, © Vladimir Baranov / RIA Novosti

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