Yandex.Taxi will send a delegation to MEFT-2021

Yandex.Taxi will send a delegation to MEFT-2021

The international IT-company Yandex.Taxi will send a representative delegation to IX International Eurasian Forum Taxi. It will be composed of Pavel Kuzmin, Yandex.Taxi Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Anton Petrakov, Director of Government Relations, Yury Sideliev, Director of Strategic Projects for Government Relations, Alexander Vysotsky, Head of Government Relations, Alexander Novolokin, Deputy Director of Government Relations and Andrey Shepet, Head of Yandex.Taxi Business Development in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Alexander Vysotsky, Head of Government Relations, will become a speaker in the panel session titled as 'Taxi and the city. Smart mobility and infrastructure development', where he  will report on the company's experience of launching urban transport subscription. Then he will join the 'Taxi and society. Social Projects' round table, where he will report on the measures of drivers vaccination against coronavirus infection and measures of drivers' social support.

In addition, Yandex.Taxi will have a stand at the exhibition area of the Forum. A model of a car cabin with a steering wheel, pedals and a console will enable to simulate driving on the roads of Europe. While using, the Yandex SignalQ2 camera installed in the cabin will recognize head movements, blinks and yawns, identifying signs of driver fatigue. Also the camera controls the seat belt and smoking. Camera performance can be seen on the monitors installed both inside and outside the cabin.

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