Taxi drivers’ overtime will be recorded

Taxi drivers’ overtime will be recorded

According to the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, all the taxi drivers will have to get a special digital profile. The system will start fully operating in Moscow and the Moscow region in August 2021. It will contain the entire driver’s data: valid driving licenses and permits for passenger transportation, information on fines and number of working hours. Drivers can verify the identity on the gosuslugi.ru website. The Department of Transport is confident that the system will not allow violators to take orders and will reduce the number of road traffic accidents.
“The driver without a registration won’t have an access. The system is based on the current federal legislation. A digital profile is like a passport. The taxi analytic system lets the aggregator, the owner of the taxi company, and government authorities to see the employee. When an unauthorized person gets behind the wheel, it is discovered very quickly."

The chairman of the Coordinating Ccouncil of the Taksist Trade Union, Andrey Popkov, has noted that the drivers already have many questions to the system. According to him, the time limit on the line doesn’t allow you to earn decent money. Over the past two years, cars have risen in price by 40-50%. Aggregators charge 30% or 40%  for their services. 

So far, the system has not yet been improved: people cannot enter data, as the system  is constantly rebooting.

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